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Welcome to NZ Asset Metadata Standards


The metadata standard for assets provides asset managers, and their suppliers, with a specification for asset data that supports data creation, collection, storage and analytical capabilities to make evidenced-based investment decisions. This applies to both capital and operating environments.

Specifically, the standard establishes a common understanding of the meaning or semantics of asset data, and it ensures the correct and proper use and interpretation of the data for all stakeholders. The standard also recognises various levels of sophistication in the data and provides relevant data attribute guidance in this regard.

Accordingly, the standard will benefit any asset manager who uses data for analytics to inform funding and investment priorities; research and research investment; policy development and national, regional or local reforms; national, regional or local reporting and benchmarking; shared services and inter-organisational collaborations.


Download the Standards:

These metadata standards have been created for use within New Zealand; by accessing these documents you acknowledge that you will only use these standards within New Zealand.

Documents released August 2017.

3 Waters

  Potable Water Vol 1 (1506 downloads)
  Potable Water Vol 2 (677 downloads)
  Stormwater Vol 1 (719 downloads)
  Stormwater Vol 2 (593 downloads)
  Wastewater Vol 1 (1011 downloads)
  Wastewater Vol 2 (655 downloads)


This is the current release (v1.0) of the NZ Asset Metadata standards which is based on the development workshop outputs. 

We are currently working on aligning these with international standards, in particular IFC, primarily to facilitate the use of these standards with BIM.  This will be released as v1.1.  We will provide a cross reference for the changes between v1.0 and 1.1.

  Residential Housing and Light Commercial Buildings Vol 1 (1229 downloads)
  Residential Housing and Light Commercial Buildings Vol 2 (651 downloads)




Previous versions of these documents are available for download from the Archive.


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